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RX-G600-OR1 Red and blue light ratio High power Greenhouses Horticulture Toplighting LED Grow light Module

Description:RX-G600-OR1 Red and blue ratio Toplighting LED Grow Module, Concentrating Light efficiently and More uniform spectral radiation, directional light ,high light utilization efficiency, more efficient comparison with common grow lights. more Suitable for various kinds of plant cultivation (Customizable light recipes), high wire vegetables, vegetable cultivation, flower cultivation, ornamental plant cultivation, succulent plant cultivation, medicinal plant cultivation.


RX-G600-OR1 Red and blue light ratio High power Greenhouses Horticulture Toplighting LED Grow light Module


  1. 500W / 600W red and blue than the top light greenhouse fill light planting lamp
  2. High PPF, PAR up to 1200umol / s, PPFD up to 1200Ķmol/m2 /s @ 0.5m
  3. German brand gardening(Horticulture) LED, PPF efficiency 2.8umol / J
  4. Extremely deep/hyper red, matching far red and dark blue spectrum for higher absorption efficiency, customize the spectrum you need
  5. Conformal Coated, waterproof IP64, can customize IP65 (lens + reflector)
  6. Input voltage: 100~305VAC, 127~431VAC, PF> 0.9
  7. Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  8. Meet the safety requirements around the world, CE RoHS FCC


  RX-G600-OR1-M LED Grow Light Module                                                                                            HLG-480H LED Drivers

 PPF PAR testing report 
   RX-G600-OR1-M 7.7A PPF Output test                                                                         RX-G600-OR1 510W PPF Output test

 PPFD test report 
   RX-G600-OR1 500W 1M PPFD test                                                                         RX-G600-OR1 500W 2M PPFD test 

 Surface temperature test report
   RX-G600T-1P  Surface temperature test                                                      RX-G600T-1P 250W 0.5m PPFD Output test

 Electronic installation instructions
1. When open the package, please check whether the inside is including product, accessory, label, certificate quality. And please assure that the light is perfect without any damage.
2. The wires of LED Light is three-core, the standard size of the wire is 3*1mm≤or3*1.5mm≤ and the outer diameter isF7~12mm, brown wire is live line, blue wire is null line, yellow& green is ground line.
3. LED Light will work when the voltage up to rated voltage, so please be sure the voltage within the requested range, or it will damage the light which canít be repaired.
4. when the electrical continuity is connected, the lead wire should be in electric insulating The way of connect wire:

1. In order to make sure the light can work safety and stability, the ground line should be connected the earth.
2. When connecting the wires please turn off the power, and check whether the wires are connected correctly. Never connect the wires in opposite way, or the power should not be turned on.
3. Please keeping the trip bolt being fastening and reliable, in case of the light fall down of looseness.
4. When finishing connect the wires, please use the insulation gummed tape to convolve the wires, confirm the insulation and solve the waterproof problem.
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